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Carpet & Rug Cleaning Method    

Perfected over more than 40 years in the Carpet and Rug Cleaning Business, MR. STEAM LLC
uses a multistage Residential and Commercial Carpet and Rug Cleaning Method:

  • We begin by machine washing your carpet to its full pile depth using our exclusive blend of soil emulsifying, spot removing and deodorizing agents.

  • We immediately follow with our high-power MR. STEAM LLC extractor, which vacuums all loosened carpet soils, cleaning agents, lint, pet hair and debris out to our recovery tank for safe disposal.

  • We repeat both stages of this process over heavy soil areas to achieve the best possible results.

  • We clean under and replace all safely movable furniture.

  • We perform our exclusive dry-buffing step to assure fast drying, often within 1 to 2 hours or less

  • We brush tease the pile for that brand new look.

  • MR. STEAM LLC guarantees your carpets will never be cleaner or look better. Learn more

  MR. STEAM LLC'S Green Clean Pledge:

Always concerned for the health of the consumer while at the same time wanting to achieve the cleanest finished results possible, MR. STEAM LLC owners regularly test new and better products that achieve
the environmentally safe standards and quality cleaning results today's smart consumers demand.

Because we employ our exclusive machine-washing step, we are able to more thoroughly clean carpet
pile fibers better and deeper than is possible with the spray clean only, truck-mounted type equipment.
And with the rotary brush agitating our p-h balanced cleaner deep into the carpet pile, we succeed where other methods fail at bringing more soils, lint and pet hair to the surface for thorough extraction into our
recovery tank.

For the average 3-room Residential Carpet Cleaning order, MR. STEAM'S Carpet and Rug Cleaning Method typically uses no more than 4 to 6 ounces of our environmentally safe and non-toxic cleaning
formula concentrate. All extracted soils and recovered cleaning agents are disposed of safely according
to state and local regulations.

Rest assured that we at MR. STEAM LLC will always use cleaning agents and methods that are safe for our Carpet Cleaning Customers, children and pets.  BUT PLEASE WARN US in advance if there is anyone on the premises who may have above average hypersensitivity to common household cleaning products.


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